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❁ུ۪ Upscales, downscales, body conversions, retextures, dismantling, using bits and pieces:
Absolutely fine, just give credit. If something I've made would be useful for you to tinker with or as some sort of asset, you're free to do so within the rules written on this page. I will never, ever make over-bearing rules about body sizes with my mods. I'm not that kind of person. I want your characters to look how you think they're meant to look.
❁ུ۪ Tracing/dismantling makeup, tattoos, retextures:
Absolutely fine, just give credit and don't claim it as your own work. This goes for use with FFXIV, art, other games, any medium.
❁ུ۪ Public edits:
No need to ask before editing or posting! Credit me and any contributors.
If you are posting an edit or alternate version of something I've made, you can send me the link and I'll attach it to the original mod page. Not required, but it helps mod users find things better.
❁ུ۪ Private edits:
My definition of "private" for mods: the mod stays only with you and a small, close handful of people you frequently play XIV and/or gpose with. No uploading or hosting anywhere, no discord links, no giving away/selling, etc.
★ Tipping other creators for their time and work if they are using my assets is absolutely OK!
❁ུ۪ Posting mods containing my work outside of XIVMA:
MUST be accessible for FREE without payment, sign-ups, entering personal information or email, joining a Discord, etc. Credit me and any contributors, link back to either https://merimods.uwu.ai or https://ko-fi.com/meriffxiv
I ask that you please respect that I want my mods to be seen and utilized in good faith by the average FFXIV mod user.
❁ུ۪ Use of my mods outside of FFXIV:
OK for free public use or private use. No paid use. Credit me and any contributors, link back to either https://merimods.uwu.ai or https://ko-fi.com/meriffxiv
❁ུ۪ Commissions, Patreon, Ko-Fi, Gumroad, donation points, any financial exchange or gain:
You may not use my mods for the aforementioned without contacting me first.
The only exception is when I specify on an individual mod's description if it is allowed. You can find this information in the readme and XIV Mod Archive page of each mod.

❀ུ۪ Do not share or post links/edits to my early-access mods before the specified public release date.❀ུ۪ Do not share or post links to private mods made by me without my express permission.❀ུ۪ Do not re-host or re-post any of my mods anywhere without my explicit permission. This applies to all of my work, including unfinished and private.❀ུ۪ Do not claim any of my work as yours under any circumstances.❀ུ۪ Do not use my mods or assets in any way that pertains to or encourages hateful and/or illegal acts/content. This applies to all of the above.

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the following links most certainly contain nsfw content 🔞

❁ུ۪ Twitter - milfcatte
my screenshots and occasional ramblings
❁ུ۪ Discord Server
a little cubbyhole for my mods, screenshots and art... and your mods, screenshots and art! come show me what you love to make!
just a fun little hangout that also serves as a gallery of pretty things. lurkers are welcome! no shit-disturbin' in mom's house!
❁ུ۪ Ko-Fi - meriffxiv
Early access mod shop, get them here first! Everything goes public after a few weeks.
tips and support are loved and appreciated, never mandatory ♥

I'm taking a temporary break from commissions at the moment. Thank you for understanding.

Mod Commission Queue

Face, Makeup
Body, Skin, Head/Body Combo
3D edits, Ports

Art Commission Queue

1. Lux - Full body pinup, soft color
2. Soma - Bust, soft color (raffle)
3. Shinny - Discord emoji (raffle)

Prices and examples coming soon

I make mods for any race, male or female

I am mainly a texture modder. I specialize in face and makeup, body and skin, re-textures and texture up-scaling. I can improve and edit existing textures, and create new ones.I can do some 3D modding, but I am not porting outfits or hair, nor am I doing upscales or downscales at this time. I cannot create my own 3D models yet.I can port accessories (with provided models only) and work with vanilla FFXIV models (swapping, resizing, fiddling with bits and pieces, etc).Please make sure you have permission before commissioning me to use 3D models from other sources.

Most of the texture mods I make are highly customized works of art, and the level of detail and difficulty of each mod will determine the cost to create it.Price will vary depending on factors such as, but not limited to: very high detail, details spanning head and body seam, multiple texture map edits, combining/creating textures for 3D mash-ups and swaps, etc. This stuff is discussed when you commission me.

All body mods are public after 2-3 weeks.Face and makeup mods are public after 3-4 weeks, or have a +20% private fee.Listed below are base prices that each category starts at.

Makeup & face mods start at $20 USD
Example: Makeup, repaint/retexture, face paints and decals, scars, freckles, tattoos, any kind of edit to the face
Body & skin mods start at $25 USD
Example: tattoos, hair, scars, paints and decals, markings, freckles, new scales or edits to vanilla scales, anything that can go on your skin
Face + body combo mods start at $40 USD
A seamless head and body set of the above two categories
Gear & clothing, head & face 3D mod editsDM me for inquiries and pricing
Example: Improve existing texture with repaint, higher resolution; change patterns, colors, styles, decorations; add-on or swap existing parts of 3D models such as horns, ears, teeth, eyelashes, gear & clothing accessories, armor pieces, etc etc. Ask me!

🌙 7/10/21 - This section is in need of a big ol' re-write to catch up with many of the neat features we now have access to in TexTools, as well as the new wave of body mods that are replacing Gen2.Old info has been removed for now so as not to confuse anyone.

In the meantime, the TexTools reference sheet (credit to Sel#6068, I claim no ownership) should have all of the necessary relevant information.

"Can I use this skin mod, but with this body?"

Female skin & body mods I create (except Lalafell) are compatible with all Gen 2 body mods including but not limited to Tight & Firm by Titan Firm, Curvier Bodies 3 by Sel, and BBWVR 2.3 by Natyusha. SFW and NSFW compatible, works with all muscular options unless specified otherwise on a specific mod. Currently all tall female bodies use the same skin texture mapping layout. The only exception that I'm aware of is Nyaughty's Eve body; anything that has details that cross over into the vagina area will have a seam, unless made to fit Eve specifically. Basically, this means you can use my mods with any type or size of female body mod, as long as you mind the previous sentence.
My male skin & body mods are made for The Body 2.0, which was created by Tsar. SFW and NSFW compatible. There are several different body hair and muscular texture options, and because of the cool witchcraft that is "Export Layer Comps" in Photoshop, I can make custom designs for as many of those options as needed.
Lalafell skin & body mods affect both male and female Lalafells. They are compatible with the vanilla unmodded body and all body mods. I use an improved, high-resolution, repainted skin texture that borrows NaughtyWVR's UVs and Titan Firm's T&F skin. It is only available in SFW. I will not be making NSFW Lalafell mods.
Hrothgar & male Roegadyn
Hrothgar and male Roegadyn textures are their own separate sets from each other and everyone else, but they use the same 3D model for their body shape. Mods I make for these races use the hrBody created by Tsar. Technically, you can swap their texures and have a fuzzy Roegadyn and a bald Hrothgar. Why? Who knows, but now you know! 🌈

"I installed a skin / body mod for my Miqo'te, so why do I see it on Midlanders?"

Certain sets of races share the same skin textures (diffuse and normal maps). When you install a skin mod for one, they will all have it. Your character, someone else's character, and NPCs.


  • Midlander shares with Miqo'te shares with Elezen

  • Highlander shares with Roegadyn

  • Viera

  • Au Ra Raen

  • Au Ra Xaela


  • Midlander shares with Miqo'te shares with Elezen

  • Highlander

  • Roegadyn

  • Hrothgar

  • Au Ra Raen

  • Au Ra Xaela


  • Male and female Lalafell share the same

Example 1:
I install a skin mod for my male Roegadyn. As a result, my male Roegadyn and all other male Roegadyn players and NPCs will also have the same skin mod applied to them. All other races' skins are not affected.
Example 2:
I install a skin mod for my female Miqo'te. As a result, my female Miqo'te and all female Midlanders, Miqo'te, and Elezen players & NPCs will also have the same skin mod applied to them.

"Why do Au Ra get so many more customization mods than other races?"

All races except for Au Ra share the same specular texture. What does this mean for you? If you install a mod that contains a specular for the skin of any race besides Au Ra, you will see every single race and gender's skin affected by it. Results are usually not desirable. Because of this, I suggest using non-Au-Ra skin specular mods only for screenshots rather than everyday use.

1k, 2k, 4k, which one to install? Why does it matter?

Imagine you have a piece of plastic wrap that you've drawn a lovely detailed picture on. We'll say your plastic square is 10-cm-by-10-cm. You have a ball that has a 50 cm diameter. You want to stretch your little plastic square around the ball so that the ball is wrapped and covered entirely in the plastic... but what's happened to that detailed picture on the wrap? Oh no, it's all stretched out and distorted!The default vanilla textures are usually in the 256 x 512 px size area. That's a tiny plastic square to stretch over some much larger in-game models! It saves a lot on hard drive space, and you may not notice the pixelated effect of the lower resolution with many gear items, fortunately.But when it comes to your face and your skin, I don't know about you, but I notice that stuff. Trying to get something framed right in gpose, only to notice the freckles are these low-res pixelated smudges, infringing upon the crispness of my makeup mod? Aw heck no, that kills me! Can't have it!It's easy to bloat the capacity of your mod space (5.645 GB cap) with too many high-resolution texture mods, however. So it's not a great idea to install as many as you can get your hands on!My personal way of handling this is to only use high-res mods for the characters I'm specifically using or seeing often.Installing every option in a high-res mod pack bad, picking and choosing to install only what you're gonna use a lot good.TexTools is very good at compressing things for you. Don't be afraid to use 4k textures on things that you see all the time and really matter, like your character's face and skin.

"What body mods are you using?"

I get asked this quite a lot! I don't mind answering at all, but I do hope it will be helpful to have it here to reference.Body size mods I use, in order of preference:
🌙 Milf Mod by Colony
BBWVR2 XL bottom by Natyusha
🌙 Megathicc Meri bottom by Rider
CB3-NV top by Rider
🌙 TF2-XL by Lizzy, Antarran & Rider

To find clothes and gear made to fit these sizes, use Advanced Search on XIV Mod Archive.Try any of the following in either the tags slot or the comments slot:
tf2xl tfxl cb3nv megathicc meri spec milf
Note: You can mix and match any of the tops & bottoms sizes with any other existing body mod sizes except for Milf Mod tops and bottoms.I do a small personal 3D edit to widen the waist and tummy on CB3-NV and TF2-XL tops to achieve a certain look that I prefer. Sometimes it's also just photoshop post-processing because I can't be bothered. I don't release these as mods since it's such a minor edit, but you're welcome to ask me about anything you see in my screenshots.Update:
You know the Tool? That Tool, yeah. The Bone Scaling sliders you can access through the Posing Matrix are really great for making yourself thicc. It works best for modded gear/bodies, but you can get away with a lot with some vanilla gear too.

"But why always so thicc?"

— a little ranty, a little venty. if you were ever curious about why my characters look the way they do, and what it's been like being "Megathicc Meri" the "thicc modder," it's a reflection on all of that.

"But why always so thicc?"

After a lifetime of playing games and watching shows where the main female is some combination of petite, thin, athletic, small, average, I can't say I have any desire to create characters with that look these days. I honestly have nothing against it in general, I love people, characters and other OCs of all body types. But it's just not really for me. It doesn't inspire me, it brings me no passion to create, it's not the default definition of beauty for someone like me.Someone like me sees large busts, booties and thighs, soft tummies, curvy waists, as things that are just as normal, valid, cute, pretty, and lovely as a dainty and small-framed person.I ain't ever going to be small, no matter what I do. I'm not tall enough to be tall and I'm definitely not short. I grew up some lumbering, chonky, chesty, weird nerd who liked drawing and video games and anime. It was awkward and sad, it wasn't a great look for a teenager, but I've since lost a lot of weight and grew into a much less refrigerator-shaped physique as an adult. I really disliked myself for how I looked for the longest time, and there were enough instances of others 'helping' reinforce that belief.I don't want to have to feel ashamed or gross about my large chest or butt or thights any more; shit man, I did the work and overcame a health disorder, lost the weight and became healthy. I watched all of my pants become absolutely useless and I had to get new pants. It was hard and it was worth it. I also became pregnant, gained so much weight back, had an entire kid, and have lost most of the weight now again. So some parts of me still stayed "thicc," I didn't plan it or ask for it, but I'll be damned if I'm not allowed to enjoy it. I'm too much of a dang introvert to do much with fashion, makeup, or going-out in real life, that stuff is expensive and I'm tired; I still prefer to draw and play video games, so that's where all of my self-expression gets squished in to.I can't be arsed to get myself a perfectly fitting silk party dress with ruffles in my favorite colors and pose for pictures in that, god that sounds hard and expensive, and bless anyone who takes the time to do photoshoots like that, goodness. But I can use as many art and graphics tools at my disposal as I can and make my own characters, my own dress-up dolls who have any and all of the kinds of visuals that I love. It's fun, I love it, and it's art. That's what artists do, we put our passions and feelings to a medium and just throw it out there and say, I MADE THIS I LOVE THIS.I have had to witness and deal with harassment from people who believe the kind of body type you see in my screenshots and art to be "over-sexualized" and "offensive to women" for a long time. In real life, online, and for my entire time in the FFXIV modding community. It's interesting, since I happen to be a woman with a very similar kind of body type to what you see in a lot of my work.that body type is impossible
that's anatomically incorrect
clearly you've never seen a woman before
where are her organs
ow her poor back
omg her thigh is bigger than her waist
omg her tits are bigger than her head
her spine would probably snap
Just to name a few of the memes I've gotten to enjoy during my time making art and screenshots.Opinion zone: I think trying to restrict or shame whatever body size mods people want to use is some of the most nonsensical and controlling mob mentality stuff that I've ever seen in a modding community.Being passed around on twitter as another scathing retweet mocking someone's screenshots, or set as a permission restriction on a gear mod, or the entirety of the circle-jerking that has gone on in TT discord — why even, though? I feel like those who subscribe to this mentality could try and ask themselves why it matters to them so much if someone else's proportions don't look how they personally prefer, in a fantasy/anime style game no less. Consider that not as many people using "thicc mods" as you think are creepy catfishing dudes. A lot of us are women, some are men, some are non-binary, some of us have proportions in real life that you may have never seen or really paid attention to; and none of that even really matters.Some of us are tired of trying to fit into an image that doesn't make us feel anything: that's something everyone who uses mods can relate to.And hey, what even is "modding" a game? Modding, modifying, modifications, it all entails customizing a game to a user's specific preferences. When you tell someone that they can customize their game but only to your own preferences, that's a little weird, isn't it?

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